Surly-Mac's Blues

"Take your time, young man - take your time"

New Studio Layout for a New Year

We’re playing more and... enjoying it more!

It’s almost 2013 and we’re recommitting to learning & playing a little blues music.

Our weapons of choice -
Seydel & Hohner Blues Harmonicas
Yamaha Keyboards
Eleuke (electric) Ukulele
Boss RC-30 Stereo Dual-Track Loop Station + various effects pedals
Hartke K100 & VOX DA5 amplifiers

Naturally, we’ve reconfigured the Surly-Mac’s One-Man Band (SMOMB) Studio here at Recessive-Music-Gene Productions:
DSC_0938 View from the Studio Entrance.

End view showing our Zoom H4n Audio Recorder - twin stereo mics plus two add on condenser mics create 4-Channel audio recordings.
The SMOMB pedal board includes Boss RC-30 Loop Station (& foot switch), a Lone Wolf Blues “Harp Attack” distortion pedal and an ancient Digitech RP-50 multi-effects pedal.

Microphones include Nady SPC-25’s, Shure SM58 and a Shaker Mad-Dog Harmonica mic.

We’re still working on getting the mics & amps “balanced” to the space but here’s our initial blues recording of “
The Key To The Highway”.
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